Neuro Surgery CME: Shaping the Future of Care, October 1st to 15th

We recognise the profound impact of neurological and oncological conditions on individuals and their families. A diagnosis can be life-altering, causing emotional upheaval and financial stress. That's why, from October 1st to 15th, we are hosting a game-changing Onco and Neuro Surgery Continuing Medical Education (CME) event.

Our mission is to empower medical professionals with the latest knowledge and techniques to provide compassionate, evidence-based care.

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Neurology & Neurosurgery:

Neurological conditions pose unique challenges, impacting cognitive, physical, and behavioural aspects of life. Trust-in Hospital's Neurology & Neurosurgery Department combines expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide tailored care. Our team handles cases ranging from routine to emergencies, including trauma cases, for both adults and children.



Services Offered for Neuro:

  • Deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease.
  • Minimally invasive spine surgery for various spinal disorders.
  • A range of neurosurgical services, from cerebrovascular to peripheral nerve surgeries.
  • Comprehensive neurological services, including advanced diagnostics and treatments.
  • Paediatric neurology and rehabilitation services for children with neurological disorders.

Facilities & Amenities

  • Dedicated OBG & Paediatric Floor
  • State-of-the-art OBG gynaecology facility
  • Modular Operation Theatre
  • 24/7 Laboratory
  • Ultrasound
  • 24/7 Pharmacy
  • General Ward, Deluxe Rooms & Suites
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